A Brief History of Gambling

Although it might not be what you expected, you’d probably be surprised by the fact that gambling as a form of entertainment has taken place here since a few hundreds if not thousands years. It is our nature to look for something fun to do, and winning real-life, material things from our games is a drive that has been around for quite some time.

In fact, even from ancient China, there was proof of the existence of rudimentary games including dice, and there was also proof in ancient Rome and Greece that people were betting on animal fights, as humans loved to gamble.

It is also known that some of the most important and renowned universities like Harvard and Yale were funded from lottery money, and they continue on using this source of funding today.

Gambling by playing card games has even deeper roots – it is known that the first card games appeared in the 9th century in China. So, after some time, because it was a very common activity and mean of entertainment, the state became organizing and regulating it.

The first gambling houses and casinos that are known to human rose in the 17th century in Venice, Italy. They had a controlled and organized gambling environment, and since they were fun, they spread out easily throughout Europe by the 19th century. People would play games, win real money prizes and have fun in these specialized buildings.

Fast forward a few decades, in 1995, the first licenses for online casino gambling were issued. The first fully-functional software for online casino gambling was developed by Microgaming, and it was developed ever since. So, today we have online casino websites which are responsible for having the largest gambling communities, with thousands of fans on their forums and even more playing the casino games on a regular basis.

Guide for Online Gambling

As we mentioned before, legal online casinos are the new trend, and it can be confirmed by the thousands of happy players online. However, you cannot gamble online without learning a few things and reading an online gambling guide or two. This is why we’ve created a short online gambling guide that will come in quite handy for newcomers to online gambling. Here are some of the tips that not all online gambling guides will tell you:

  1. Find the best online casino for your needs
  2. Use casino bonuses
  3. Play games you understand and know
  4. Trust your gut
  5. Never gamble while under the influence
  6. Place smaller but safer bets
  7. Learn as you go

You should know that these tips are only the tip of the iceberg – there are much more thorough online gambling guides you should know of, and you should take the time do to a deeper, in-depth research.

Any online gambling guide will tell you that if you want to gamble – you need to know the pros and cons of online casino gambling.

The advantages of online casinos are numerous: it is really convenient to play different casino games and do sports betting at online casinos, as you can do it from anywhere. Also, there are great casino bonuses that can help you win real money prizes easily. Moreover, legal online casinos offer a diverse set of casino games and options for sports betting so that you can have the time of your life without needing to leave your home at all. Lastly, legal online casinos offer a diverse set of payment methods which means that you can use your credit card to deposit and withdraw your real money winnings easily.

However, there are disadvantages to online casino gambling. Any online gambling guide will tell you that there are scammers online, and they’ll probably try to take your money and scam you. It is up to you to find a reliable and trusted online casino. Also, a disadvantage of online casinos is that if you get addicted to it without reading an online gambling guide or two, you might lose your touch and end up losing big time.

Pros and Cons of Online Gambling

Federal Laws in US for Online Gambling and Sports Betting

Those who are interested in online gambling, they should be well-informed about the online gambling and sports betting federal laws, as they can save you a big fine. First of all, most types of online casino gambling types are legal in the US on a federal level. There is an exception for illegal sports betting that crosses state borders, which is prohibited by the Wire Act. Lotteries, online poker, casino games, bingo and other games are completely legal.</p> <p>The Murphy v NCAA Supreme Court decision ensured that the state-licensed sports betting and online casino betting is legal and allowed for both online casinos and players. On a state level, there are a variety of anti-gambling regulations that are quite old and don’t directly address the topic of internet gaming for real money. Regardless, if you want to be absolutely sure that you are allowed to gamble online from your state, you should do a deeper research.

Where Can You Legally Gamble Online in US?

Online casino gambling is kind of tricky in the US, as the different states have different options and regulations. However you can participate in a state lottery in Georgia, Illinois, Kentucky, Michigan and Minnesota.

If you are interested in online casino games and poker, you should know that there is online casino gambling in the following countries: Delaware, Nevada and New Jersey.

You should know that as any online gambling guide will tell you, USA casinos are great for gambling because the legal online casino websites offer no deposit casino bonuses and other benefits. Using no deposit casino bonuses and welcome casino bonus offers, you can increase your budget for playing and have more fun.

Even if online USA casinos aren’t legal in all US states, there are casino sites that offer gambling for US citizens without being located in the US. Here are some of them:

    • Golden Nugget
    • Virgin Casino
    • Club World Casinos
    • Cherry Gold Casino
    • Bovegas Casino
    • Lucky Red Casino
    • Sun Palace Casino

Taxes on Money Won from Online Casinos

If you want to be a responsible gambler who won’t risk going to jail, you should know that sometimes you might need to pay taxes on the money you won from online casinos. You can find the facts and more information regarding this on the tax laws in every specific state.