Offshore Casinos Come Online

April 19, 2018 0 Comment

The history of the internet is not that expansive. However, over the last twenty or thirty years of internet development, a number of cyber challenges have come along. The relatively new and increasingly popular online gambling market has served to challenge the traditional laws of communication in still unexplored ways.

Recent History of Online Gambling

In recent years the occurrence of offshore online casinos has mushroomed. Everywhere one looks, the internet is muddied with online gambling. Participants can play poker online, blackjack, even slots online in a video arcade style. Many of the online gambling businesses are extremely successful and spawning a whole new breed of gambler. Gamblers looking for a non-threatening and private gaming experience find online sites where their betting is unhurried and uninterrupted.

Wire Wager Act

1961 saw the passage of the Wire Wager Act in Congress. The Wire Wager Act specifically forbids the use of telephone lines as a vehicle for betting and wagering. The occurrence of online casinos has many American lawmakers at their wit’s end trying to legislate businesses considered illegal in the United States. All online gambling is illegal in the United States with the exception of Nevada. In fact, casinos in Nevada are currently designing their own online casinos in order to serve the needs of foreign gamblers.

During the late 1990s, The United States attempted to shut down a few vigorous online sites, especially those from Antigua. However, the World Trade Organization stepped in on those attempts, citing the fact that the United States has no legal jurisdiction over foreign businesses, which is, after all, what offshore casinos are. Offshore casinos per head conduct businesses out of small offices in such far flung places like Antigua and Macau, while their gambling software resides on foreign web servers, all outside the scope of the Wire Wager Act.

The result of offshore gambling is a complex mish mash of suggested legislation and arguments between pro gaming advocates and anti gambling organizations. What is clear is that the online casino business as it exists on the internet now is being increasingly used by United States gamblers. The primary concern ought to be the complete lack of government oversight and regulations that typically keep land-based casinos in line with the law.