Internationally Inspired Casinos

April 19, 2018 0 Comment

What inspired the concept of the Eiffel Tower in Las Vegas? What about the closely mimicked Venetian canal and street hidden away from the neon of The Strip?

The Desert of Las Vegas

It seems as though no sooner had Bugsy Segal squatted on his patch of Nevada desert then the culture of Las Vegas ostentation and architecture was born. What does one do with a desert palette wherein casinos are sculpted?

The first Las Vegas casinos, though glitzy and brightly lit, were not the fantastic spectacles that greet most visitors today. Bugsy Segal’s first casino, The Flamingo, has been transformed over the years to compete with the expanding market—the resort casinos. The Flamingo, as its name suggests, now offers a tropical flavor and Caribbean-style atmosphere. However, casinos in times past might have had fantastic names attached to them, but their attraction was purely aimed at gamblers.

The Current Design of Las Vegas

Caesar’s Palace, one of the cultural mainstays of The Strip, has been reinvented a number of times. The most recent additions have been with the intent of expanding even more successfully on the Ancient Roman architectural themes using arches, columns and domes. The Forum Shoppes is a huge mall-like enclave wrapped in the veneer of Ancient Roman streets. Authentic design details and materials that resemble the period are employed. Perhaps the greatest accomplishment is the ethereal sky that changes with the time of day, from sunrise through noon and past evening to darkness. In fact, the theatrical experience is so real that one could become easily misled on one’s location, save for the contemporary retail offerings located inside the realistic Roman buildings.

The Roots of International Design

Why did casino tycoons feel the urge to offer recycled international attractions like the Eiffel Tower? Or manufacture a look-alike Venetian canal and street with real gondolas floating by?

Maybe the roots of the tradition lie in lavish and exotic casino resorts such as Monte Carlo. The Monte Carlo experience combines a natural European style of gaming and contemporary arts and culture along with the beauty of the French Riviera.

With the deftness of theater design, resorts such as The Venetian, Paris Las Vegas, and The Bellagio offer visitors a closely choreographed experience of design, architecture, and theater all aimed at bringing international attractions to visitors in the desert.