Craps History

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Many sources believe that Craps has its earliest roots in a game called Hazard, popular among English nobility of the Middle Ages.

History of Dice Rolling

Dice rolling games have figured prominently in societies for thousands of years. Early dice and throwing pieces were first crafted from the knucklebones of animals, it is generally believed. After that, cultures employed materials such as bone, ivory, precious metals and stones as throwing objects. The Ancient Romans had dice that were a crude predecessor to our modern dice—cuboid and with a system of marked spots on their faces. In fact, tales are told of various Roman politicians being rather skillful with dice throwing. Besides the Romans, dice have been widely used to portend the future and tossed to make important political decisions.

The Game of Hazard

Hazard first appears sometime before the Middle Ages in English history. Did the Knights of the Crusades start the game? Did they name it for a famous castle? Or, is the name derived from an Arabic word meaning “dice?” These facts are not clear, however, Hazard was already a popular dice game among the nobility during the Middle Ages, and historic documents indicate that it might have origins in the Crusades.

Craps in America

What is still unclear is when the game’s name changed from Hazard to Craps. Sources argue that the French changed it prior to its appearance in America and, still, conflicting sources say the name was changed once the game was transposed to American soil, perhaps by the French who settled in Louisiana. It is often speculated that the name is derived from the French word for “crabs.”

Playing Craps

Craps in a the online per head business casino software setting is one of the most boisterous and social games in the casino. A vigorous game often draws large audiences, but the atmosphere is notorious for putting off beginners. While the game is relatively simple, the complex number of bets a player can make can be confusing and intimidating for novice players.

The game is played on large table marked with various betting areas. The craps table often has a high back rail that the dice must be bounced off of. The shooter is the player rolling the dice. The initial dice roll is termed a “come out” roll. A come out roll that totals 2, 3, or 12 is a losing roll, called “Craps.” A come out roll of 7 or 11 is a win. Any other number combination is called the “point” number. Bets proceed on the odds the shooter will roll his point number before rolling a seven. Rolling a seven prior to a point number is called “sevening out.”