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Offshore Casinos Come Online

0 Comments April 19, 2018

The history of the internet is not that expansive. However, over the last twenty or thirty years of internet development, a number of cyber challenges have come along. The relatively new and increasingly popular online gambling market has served to challenge the traditional laws of communication in still unexplored ways. Recent History of Online Gambling […]



Bingo has been one of the more widely played games since it came to the United States. Bingo History The game has seemingly humble beginnings in Renaissance Italy when a lottery similar to the game of Bingo was popularly played. Games similar to this subsequently appeared in French and then in German culture. Players matched […]

Internationally Inspired Casinos


What inspired the concept of the Eiffel Tower in Las Vegas? What about the closely mimicked Venetian canal and street hidden away from the neon of The Strip? The Desert of Las Vegas It seems as though no sooner had Bugsy Segal squatted on his patch of Nevada desert then the culture of Las Vegas […]

Jai Alai


Most historians would suggest that hand-ball type sports have been played for centuries and that jai alai is simply a variation that has come to be a popular betting sport. Jai Alai History The game of jai alai seems to have its modern roots in the Basque region of Spain. Most stories suggest it was […]

Roots of Thoroughbred Horse Racing


The use of horses in racing goes back to primitive cultures. Early Horse Racing History Most sources agree that the earliest use of horses in racing was in Asia nearly three thousand years ago. In fact, many cultures employed the use of horses for agriculture and for armies and would have most likely found the […]

Pai Gow Poker


Pai Gow is an ancient Chinese game played with dominoes. The modern casino game of Pai Gow Poker is a marriage of Pai Gow and Poker which some critics call a significant bastardization of the original game. Pai Gow History Pai Gow is only one of many other domino games that have been played for […]



Baccarat’s genealogy is an ambiguous one and the modern American casino version has became almost exclusively reserved for the high rollers. History Baccarat in Italian means “zero,” indicative of the value of face cards in the game. Baccarat’s roots seem to lie in Italy; however, the early history of the game is sketchy. Games became […]

Blackjack’s Beginnings


Blackjack’s origins are derived from perhaps a number of various early card games, including Chemin de Fer and Trente et Quarante, both of which are still played in traditional European-style casinos. History The history of blackjack and these variations coincides with the invention of playing cards and techniques for printing paper. The use of paper […]



Roulette was one of the first true casino games. Unfortunately, the game has never gained the popularity in America that it has traditionally enjoyed in Europe. Roulette History Although there is evidence that wheels were used in games at points in history, the origin of Roulette lies firmly with the French. The word Roulette is […]

Craps History


Many sources believe that Craps has its earliest roots in a game called Hazard, popular among English nobility of the Middle Ages. History of Dice Rolling Dice rolling games have figured prominently in societies for thousands of years. Early dice and throwing pieces were first crafted from the knucklebones of animals, it is generally believed. […]