Gambling did not originate in the United States. The popular casino games enjoyed in most major venues today all have roots in very foreign locales. Nowadays there are also many casino per head software available for you to look at.

Chinese Gambling Games

The Chinese are somehow linked to a heritage of gambling. Numerous gambling games exist within the Chinese culture. Keno is one of the original forms of lottery games utilized for the very same reasons as our modern lottery games. However, Keno has survived thousands of years and is now played in a diluted form in many casinos.

Pai Gow is another ancient Chinese game played with dominoes. Pai Gow Poker is the Americanized hybrid which has grafted elements from the complicated game of Pai Gow onto the simpler stock of the game of poker. Pai Gow Poker is a common casino game in the United States. Unfortunately, many critics of the modern version have bashed its simplistic take on an otherwise beautiful and complex game of the traditional Chinese culture.

The European Games

Craps, Blackjack, Roulette and Baccarat all hail from a distinctly European tradition. A few even overlap in origin. Craps is rooted in a rich heritage of dice throwing games that have been played for many thousands of years. Original dice or throwing pieces were shaped from animal bone, ivory, precious stones and metals.

Blackjack, or Twenty One, originated like Baccarat, from a blend of European cultures such as France and Italy where card games became popular during the Middle Ages. While Blackjack was played by many different segments of the society, Baccarat was originally founded as a means of entertaining the wealthy. Still, many Baccarat games are reserved in the high roller areas of casinos, while the common man plays a limited version of the game at Mini Baccarat tables.

The Spectator Sports

Thoroughbred horse racing has been one of the most widely attended sporting and wagering events throughout its long history. Thoroughbred racing was developed into the modern sport in England during the 1700s. When the sport became transported to the New World with British settlers the traditions remained relatively unchanged.

Jai Alai is the more uncommon spectator sport born of early origins in the Basque region of Spain. The game has become a unique gambling sport because of its speed and relative brevity of games. Florida remains the center for most jai alai betting.