You can find lots of great examples of at this site.

Sometimes I like to play different casino games for fun, but I don't want to have to click 18 times or login before I can play.  I hate that crap.  So I made this site so I could one click and play any game I want.  It is a little cheesy, but you can play all of your favorite gambling games for free here

Choose a game below to play.  You will be taken to a page that has the game. There are no popups or signups at these pages.  Sometimes the game might take a second to load. If you are ever told that you are already logged in, refresh the page and the game should load. If you ever have any problems, please use or email address in the Contact Info section. Thanks for playing!

blackjack game

Blackjack can be played with one, two, four, six or eight decks of cards. Most blackjack games you will see online will use 6 decks unless they tell you otherwise. This version is traditional style of blackjack that everyone knows.

Craps Game

Craps is a casino favorite for many people. Come test your luck on our craps game and see if your good enough to beat the casino. The system of betting in craps is explained in case you don't know it works.

Roulette Game

Roulette is just about the most well-known casino game the is and people all over world have played this game. There are several different versions of Roulette, but this free game is based off of the American Roulette wheel.

Free Slots Game

Slot machines are basically just a game of chance. There is some strategy that comes into play as far as betting, but it still depends on luck. There are thousands of different slot games out there. This one is called a video slot.

Video Poker Game

Video Poker is a great game to play for passing time. It is also one of the few gambling games around where a good player can have the advantage over a the house. It's basically a game of 5 card draw and you have to get Jacks or better.

free bingo game

Bingo has become increasingly more popular over the last few years. I've decided to put a bingo game up because there aren't many free bingo games anywhere else on the internet. This games is similar to 75 ball bingo.

The sign of a good online casino is the variety of casino games they offer and whether they cater for all gambling tastes.